Types of ads

Check the different types of ads that AiYellow offers you.
The difference between the ads is based on the way in which search results are displayed.
On top, you will see the list of Gold ads , and then, a list of all ads according to the ranking position each of them has.


"Your gateway to Internet advertising."

The Ranking Position: 1

Permanence: 1 Year

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"Low-cost, far reaching advertising."

The Ranking Position: 10

Permanence: 1 Year

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"Sophisticated and effective. Make the difference."

The Ranking Position: 50

Permanence: 5 Years

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Check the features of our ads Show / Hide Features

Company logo or product image
Description of business, product or service
Full address, telephone and fax numbers
Direct link to the ad
Map with the business location
Button for a visitor to send an e-mail
Button for a visitor to print the ad
Button for a visitor to forward the ad to another person
Link to Social Networks and Skype
Banners 1 Banner 1 Banner
1 Large Banner
1 Banner
1 Large Banner
Picture catalog with descriptions 10 catalogs with up
200 photos
25 catalogs with up
500 Photos
Promotional Coupons with Image 1 5
Videos 5 25
Place your ad in the "Top Positions"
Get an animated banner and highlight your ad
Amawebs 1 Year 5 Years
Plus Product tools
QR Code
Voip Button
Ad your branches
Ad Cost Product Cost
u$d 30
Product Cost
u$d 200
Product Cost
u$d 1000
Know it Know it Know it
Amounts valid for: United States

More tools to your ad.


Add to your ad:

The Ranking Position: 1

Permanence: Accompanies the validity of Ad.



Add to your ad:

1 Voip Call Button.

Permanence: During the validity of the Ad



Add to your ad:

The Ranking Position: 1 as Standard 10 as Premium

Permanence: 1 Year


Get to know the characteristics of the tools.Show / Hide Features

Ad your branches VOIP button - customer calls directly to you 1000 guaranteed visits to the Ad.
Delivery Service Add 1 Ranking point.
"Will call you" Button - leave a phone number and the advertiser will call you back 1 year Ad extention as Standard
Comments and Testimonies Offer a real database of 1000 people.
Available Payment methods
Your Ad rating
More space to describe your business
Hit Counter in your Ad
5 Promotional Coupons with Image
Product Cost
u$d 60
Product Cost
u$d 10
Product Cost
u$d 30
Amounts valid for: United States

Social Help Ads


Through the Yellow Heart Program, AmarillasInternet Corporation provides social help to thousands of people and charities around the world.

The fundraising collected from the Yellow Heart Ads will be entirely destined to finance different causes related to health and education. The sale of the Ads is linked to support a particular cause.

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Corporate products


Sometimes, a company, business, association or entity wants to offer to all their clients or affiliates the possibility to purchase ads by placing their own advertising space next to the new advertisers.

This sponsoring method is contemplated in AiYellow and both types of ads: Standard and Premium, assigning a space in the top of the ad to place the logo, product or information of the sponsors.


Master Spot is designed to market ad space at the AiYellow portal homepage in each of the countries we have presence.

Your company on our Homepage! Your company's logo can be seen by people from all over the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.